The SPCA of Solano County has a very adorable but very difficult problem on their hands as they've just had an intake of 80 chihuahuas who now need new homes. As the Chronicle reports, the majority of the dogs are between two and three years old, and "all of the dogs have been spayed/neutered, dewormed, treated for fleas, microchipped, and vaccinated."

Remarkably, in the three months since they were rescued, 55 have been placed in homes, but the SPCA still has 25 more on their hands.

The dogs were rescued in waves from a hoarder house in the county, because the shelter only has a capacity for 30 to 40 dogs.

Kelly Palm, veterinarian at the SPCA tells KRON 4, "All these dogs were together in a backyard in town without any vet care because the people were very poor."

She further told the Chron, "The woman started with four or five dogs, but that number quickly multiplied."

Dog lovers who can't adopt another dog are encouraged instead to donate to the Solano SPCA so that a dog can be sent to Seattle or elsewhere, where they might find a home. You can find the Solano SPCA right here and on Facebook, where photos of the pooches can shared.