A pro-Trump, pro-Yiannopolous, Proud Boys-affiliated rally for the alt-right planned for Berkeley on March 4 may just be a fiction perpetuated by social media, though that may not prevent counter-protesters from showing up anyway. As the East Bay Times reports, it's one of two dozen such rallies planned for the same day around the country, but organizers haven't yet sought a permit for this one, and ever since Milo's recent disgracing over his pedophilia-endorsing comments, the enthusiasm to avenge his good name for that early February dustup on the Berkeley campus may have dwindled.

A North Carolina-based organizer of March 4 Trump says that while the Berkeley rally may still be listed among the other coordinated events, and the Facebook event is still live, it may not actually happen. "I don’t think Berkeley’s going to have a march per se. They’ve been kind of added in," organizer Peter Boykin tells the East Bay Times. But another organizer, Rich Black, claims that he "can confirm there will be a peaceful assembly" in Berkeley as scheduled, at 2 p.m. at Civic Center Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

The Chronicle confirms, however, via the City of Berkeley, that organized groups who were affiliated with this march have been contacted and they say the rally and march aren't happening, and if they were, a permit would be required.

Still, Berkeley Police and UC Berkeley Police have been in contact about the event, and according to Berkeley Chamber of Commerce CEO Kirsten MacDonald, "The city is working together in conjunction with many organizations, police and our mayor’s office to make sure that stores on the main thoroughfare are as hardened and prepared as possible."

Twitter user @politicalkathy (a.k.a. Kathy Zhu, who's listed as one of three organizers of the rally on Facebook) was promoting the march as of February 17, framing it as a response to the treatment of Yiannopoulos, but that was just before the pedophilia thing blew up and forced him to resign as an editor of Breitbart. Nonetheless she was reposting a flyer about the March 4 event as of Wednesday.

And despite the fact that the event has had a clearly publicized location all along, organizer Rich Black remains cagey with the Chronicle saying that the "radical fringe left" has been trying to ascertain what groups are involved and other information, and "If we refused that information to those who aim to harm us, why would we volunteer that information to those who aim to publicize it?"

So, to be clear, organizers don't want the event publicized, and didn't get a permit, but they definitely think it will still happen, and will still attract the antifa enemy.

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