The rainy weather with which San Franciscans have grown all-too-familiar has returned this morning, making for wet commutes including some flooded roads and highways. Highway 101, for example, saw some flooding this morning between Vermont and Cesar Chavez exits causing traffic jams.

Things will get drier this afternoon, we're told, and tomorrow, Saturday, should be drier still. However, KRON4 meteorologist James Fletcher reports that a series of storms on Sunday will lash the Bay Area anew, continuing into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those winds you probably hear whipping windows and rustling trees will continue for the day: A Wind Advisory has been in effect since 6 a.m. and will continue through 6 p.m.

Perhaps you've noticed that reservoirs are getting pretty full these days, and one in Morgan Hill, the Anderson Reservoir, has now reached 99 percent capacity according to ABC7. Taking into consideration that the Anderson Reservoir is actually only supposed to be at 68 percent capacity over seismic concerns, that's concerning. There's a risk that low lying communities below the reservoir could flood, since more rain on the way may lead the body over water to overflow into a concrete spillway.

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