Brew up a cup worthy of the 21st century.

If you still think of a Mr. Coffee brewer as the dull little drip coffee maker in the side office, think again. This Advanced Brew 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker features a sleek new design and seriously advanced features that’ll perk you up in no time.

It’s truly a coffee maker fit for the 21st century, capable of following a pre-programmed brew schedule to turn out a pot of java at your desired time. Plus, you can customize your desired strength — which means waking up to a perfectly brewed cup of joe first thing in the morning is a definite reality.

Can’t finish all your java? The accompanying carafe keeps it fresh. And the two-hour automatic shut-off function will turn off your coffeemaker if you forget to do it yourself.

This isn’t your old school Mr. Coffee: get this Advanced Brew 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker for $39.99, reduced from $59.99.

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