From financial planning to mortgages, this is your guide to become an expert in adulting with your money.

We get it: managing money is hard. If you feel like you skipped out on the “how do you actually invest in stuff” life lesson, you’re not the only one. Here are four trainings in finance and economics guaranteed to have you managing your stocks and bonds like a pro.

Option A: Hire A Financial Advisor

Option B: Learn To Plan On Your Own

1. Financial Planning Bundle — 97% off

This is everything you need to help you plan for your future, from this upcoming tax season (yikes) down to retirement. The Financial Planning Bundle breaks down all the fundamentals from investment planning to estate planning in 65 hours of hands-on training.

Buy now: Be your own financial planner for $39 — that’s reduced from $1,800.

2. The Complete Finance & Economics Bundle — 90% off

This is a full-fledged training on finance and economics, covering all the macro and micro economic drivers that impact your financial life. Learn about game theory, investments, and bonds, and start making more measured, rational financial decisions today.

Buy now: Get 56 hours of training for $49, reduced from $541.

3. 'Wall Street Training' Course Bundle — 86% off

Money does have a language, and it sounds a lot like what this bundle has to offer: you’ll learn financial analysis and accounting, as well as financial modeling. This robust learning platform preps you for a lucrative career in finance, with 15 hours of training total.

Buy now: Like “Wolf of Wall Street” but way more legal — get it for $561 off.

4. Pay What You Want: Mortgage & Real Estate Investment Bundle

We’re not knocking your studio apartment, but one day you will want to own your own place. That’s where this comprehensive training comes in. Just pay what you want for the instruction, and you’ll become a bona fide real estate pro in 40 hours.

Buy now: Get the place of your dreams by scoring this training for any price you’d like.

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