For better or for worse, San Francisco has become known around the world as a technological hub, which in turn has made the region a financial hub in its own right too. With all of the money that is floating around SF, Marin, the East Bay, & the South Bay, there is a consistent and growing need for the best financial advisors. This list can help you find a great team with which to work. Why is this list free?

Simplify Financial Planning
#1 of 16 Best SF Financial Consultants

This is an investment advisory that offers financial advisory services in California, as well as numerous other regions. Their mission is to help clients establish and implement their unique goals and plan accordingly by creating for them, a simple financial plan. Simplify Financial Planning's operations consist of 3 core pillars that include – Preparation, Planning, and Action. They do not only offer investment guidance, but they also provide services like cash flow management, emergency fund, debt management, life insurance, and many other financial services. You choose your desired service plan depending on the level of your need.

Citrine Capital
#2 of 16 Top Financial Consulting Groups

Citrine Capital is a wealth management firm located in San Francisco, created to help business personnel sustain & conserve their wealth. Based in San Francisco, they also provide services clients all over the world, both in person and virtually. They help business owners, entrepreneurs, proprietors, and professionals to define and reorganize their financial goals, manage their investments, mitigate taxes, reach financial independence, and plan for retirement. All-in-all, they offer advice, guidance and assistance to people, firms, or companies that are looking to get their financial plans defined and reorganized to conserve the wealth they currently own, whilst still growing more of it.

Burgess Financial Planning
#3 of 16 Leading Financial Consultants in San Francisco

Burgess financial planning is a certified financial planner that has the main objective of helping clients grow, conserve, and maintain their wealth. Their services basically entail developing a financial plan for their clients – A plan that will help them make smart and financially productive decisions for their future. Upon employing their services, a one-hour session is opened to discuss the client's goals, strategies for investment, insurance needs, and other financial issues that may be of importance, whether little or significant. Their service is delivered to clients in 3 phases, which include: Pre-meeting, planning meeting, implementation and follow up. For the time being, their services can only be accessed virtually, through the internet. This means that clients can only contact and book a quote, mainly via Video Conferencing and Web Meetings.

#4 of 16 Top-Notch Financial Consulting Firms

Balance is a financial fitness program that is aimed at providing free guidance and tools to help clients achieve a financially sound future. Their services comprise mainly of Counselling Services, Debt management, Workshops and webinars, and free online tools. They have with them certified counselors that help clients create and organize a spending plan, discuss their financial goals, and develop a plan of action to overcome obstacles to their client’s goals and resolve. They offer guidance on savings, debt management, family budget, and retirement. Their services aren’t limited to just business personnel, firms, or companies, as they also have services that are suitable to ordinary customers, who have no affinity with any business plans. An example of such services is their " New beginnings" services that cover plans for family budgeting – Buying a house, home expense planning, weddings, and more.

Robasciotti & Philipson
#5 of 16 Top SF Financial Consultants

It is a financial management firm that holds the main objective of aligning the investment industry with social justice. It is basically a social justice investment firm, as shown by their services and motto. Being majorly owned and managed by women, LGBT+ community members, and people of color, they have the main aim of converting their clients' financial plights into purposeful and highly efficient financial strategies. This also means that their services aim to assist and inspire women, LGBT+ community members, and people of color. They formulate evidence-based strategies to help their clients achieve their goals and manage risk. All-in-all, they are specialized in creating personal and productive financial strategies for clients, through empathy and deep listening. They basically offer objective guidance and personalized services.

Advisory Group San Francisco
#6 of 16 Leading Financial Consulting Groups

They are a financial advisory firm located in San Francisco, and they provide financial planning and investment management for business owners. Their services are not limited to this alone - they also offer financial management for families as a whole, along with impressive retirement plans and endowment services for companies and the whole community of Northern Francisco. They also offer financial advisor services in states like San Francisco, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, Washington DC, and New York. Their goal is to examine your personal finances and work closely with you to achieve your goals. As a financial advisory group, their primary focus is mainly on money management and investments such as stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Their financial service planning also ranges from life-based events such as Saving for College, Marriage, buying a home, and planning for tax.

Pixel Financial Planning, LLC
#7 of 16 Top-Notch Financial Consultants in San Francisco

Pixel financial planning is a wealth management firm that has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and they provide financial planning and investments service for individuals and companies alike. They serve their clients locally in Bay-areas, and through their well-drilled technology platforms, they can serve nationally. They are a registered investment advisor acting as a fiduciary, and they are a commission-free firm, (no hidden fees through 3rd party product providers). Their services range from investment management which includes Costless ETFs, Risk tolerance evaluation, Money management, Goal settings, and assessments, etc. to Comprehensive Financial planning. They offer a quick Start Plan for a fixed fee of $750 for individuals and $1,100 forcouples and $200-$250 per hour, depending on the service for their hourly financial planning.

Mercer Advisors Wealth Management
#8 of 16 Best Financial Consulting Firms

They are an independent wealth management firm that provides wealth management services. They aid individuals, families as a whole, or companies throughout their financial journey. Their services are diverse and they include investment management, financial planning, tax planning, wealth forecasting, asset protection, estate planning, and of course, corporate trustee. Located at East Cabrillo Blvd Santa Barbara, CA 93108 United States, they services are readily available for the people of the United State of America. Their advisors are trained to Listen, Prepare, Manage, and identify all financial questions or challenges facing their clients. Their finance planning service includes the best investment plans that are good for you. They provide Tax planning services and estate planning among others. They will also help you build a solid investment management schemes that will align with your life goals. Their philosophies as a fiduciary are integrity, transparency, and independence.

Sand Hill Global Advisors
#9 of 16 Leading SF Financial Consultants

Sound hill Global advisors are a certified Financial advisory firm that aims to provide financial planning solutions for individuals, families, or companies. They possess vast independent investment management strategies aimed at supporting your personal lifestyle. They have their headquarter in San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Hill Global Advisors also offers financial advisory services in 8 other states, consisting of Idaho, New York, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Washington DC. They aim to help you achieve your desired financial goals - They will help you maximize your wealth and also help you reach your life goals and solidify your legacies. All these are accompanied with the confidence and peace of mind that you thoroughly deserve. They offer a wide range of experience and insights to guide you through all the stages of life, which include your retirement plans, estate planning, venture capital plans among others.

Veritable, LP
#10 of 16 Top-Notch Financial Consulting Groups

This firm operates as an investment advisory firm with 36 years of experience. They have qualified advisors to negotiate investment terms, increase transparency, and enhance safety. Veritable, LP offers assets allocations, optimization of tax, portfolio management services, equity analysis, and debt funds. They have been working with American families for years, and they have their headquarters in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. In this investment advisory firm, their clients always come first. Their relationship with you is comprehensive as they become an active part of your financial journey. They provide advice on business transactions, create viable strategies for tax optimization, and act as a sounding board for estate planning. They collaborate through open-minded discussions with their clients. They use this to build an impressive working relationship with their clients. With their long history, they absolutely possess that important experience that provides them with a unique perspective on how best to protect you.

Axiom Advisory, LLC
#11 of 16 Best Financial Consultants in San Francisco

Axiom Advisory, LLC is a financial advisory firm located in San Diego. They are a fee-Only financial advisory that is free and fiduciary. The purpose is to make their clients make good financial decisions at all times. They possess the following qualities -they collaborate with their clients, they are readily available for Communication, and they take the worry away from your financial situations. They provide services to their clients in areas such as your retirement planning, investment planning and management, tax planning, and well-drilled financial plans that evolve as your circumstances or taste changes. Their Mission is to work with and for clients by creating a good working relationship through their commitment to providing a high level of service for a relatively reasonable price. Their services include comprehensive financial planning service, investment management, tax planning, comprehensive insurance planning, estate planning, and modern planning.

Cornerstone Research
#12 of 16 Best SF Financial Consultants

This firm majorly thrives in economic and financial consultation and it is based in the united states, and also the United Kingdom. They provide expert testimony to attorneys in all phases of complex disputes and regulatory investigations. They have achieved quite a high reputation for their consistency and the quality of analysis they have constantly delivered. They have been around for 30 solid years. The firm has its headquarters in San Francisco, and with offices in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York. They have a wide range of services for their clients which include consultation with attorneys to identify business, economic and financial issues to address. These attorneys also have expert opinions to help determine the type of witnesses, data collection, and analysis needed. Also, they help consult research and analysis to tackle various assignments, reliably meeting case requirements, and deadlines.

Wetherby Asset Management
#13 of 16 Top Financial Consulting Groups

Wetherby Asset Management is a wealth management firm that is headquartered in Del Mar, CA. And they also have their financial advisory offices in 11 other states such as Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, New Hampshire, and Washington DC. This firm's main goal is to provide an exceptional wealth management service to its clients through vast investment management and wealth planning. They communicate with their clients through several means such as face to face meetings, emails, and phone calls. Their firm has a lot of experienced wealth managers that make up a dedicated team. They also help to conduct a complete assessment of each of their clients' financial objectives and their life goals. Their wealth management plans include asset allocation, manager selection, cash flow analysis, Estate planning, retirement plan, tax planning, insurance planning, among others.

KB Financial Advisors
#14 of 16 Leading Financial Consultants in San Francisco

KB Financial Advisors, San Francisco, is a fee-only wealth management and financial planning firm that offers its advisory services to professionals in the tech industry. Their services are suited to tech industry professionals who want to leave the complicated and stress-inducing process of their financial planning to experienced financial planners and bring an integrated approach to clients’ wealth management and financial planning. KB Financial Advisors have 6 basic strategies they utilize in delivering services to their clients – Stock Options Analysis, Investments, Taxes, Insurance, Estate planning & Gifts, and Way to wealth portal. They offer 3 main highlights as their services - Comprehensive wealth management, financial planning, and stock options analysis & Consulting. All of these services are delivered in-person, virtually, and even in the afternoon or night.

Morling Financial Advisors
#15 of 16 Top-Notch Financial Consulting Firms

Morling Financial Advisors is a certified investment adviser that helps to create a concise vision for their clients’ life planning, and financial planning. They provide two main services to clients and they include– Financial Planning and Investment management. They have the objective of bringing their clients’ financial wellbeing to fore. They utilize all available resources and strategies to ensure their clients are able to achieve financial success. With the aid of their financial planning services, they help clients organize all aspects of their wealth, and through their investment management services, clients’ investment strategy is developed to directly and subjectively suit their needs. Their services can be summed up to the provision of comprehensive analysis, Fiduciary, Objective advice, personalized services, and valuable tools to their clients.

Paskin Capital Advisors
#16 of 16 Top SF Financial Consultants

Paskin Capital Advisors is a company based in San Francisco, and it is aimed at earning immense risk-adjusted incomes, whilst still maintaining the main objective of preserving capital for its clients. By putting their in-depth knowledge and insight to practical and theoretical use, they are able to help their clients in making independent decisions, devoid of the consideration of the distractions of daily market fluctuations. As an added consideration, they possess a family of well-groomed, talented, and creative employees, with whose help clients can receive unique information. All of their features are aimed at achieving clients’ satisfaction. All their employees are well trained by them to boost their loyalty, cooperation and morale. To sum it all up, it’s safe to say that their service mainly helps to analyze risk of the market, study market trends, and finally formulate productive and rational decisions for their clients.



The above list includes Financial Advisors in SF that SFist believes actively provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees or commissions effect the ranking position of the teams, but every one has a history of providing great services. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.

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