Men who crave the experience of a strip club without leaving the comfort of their own living room — or more likely, basement or cave — you're in luck! The Gold Club has partnered with virtual reality porn company Vixen VR to provide just that.

This may have been inevitable, as the SoMa Strip club is a popular lunch spot with a portion of the local tech and business crowd, or was at least as recently as 2015, and as porn and perv-y stuff has always lead the way in terms of technology. Indeed, the promise of virtual-reality porn has captured the imagination of the adult entertainment industry as well as the attention of the nerdy male demographic who, at least so far, seems to create and consumes the VR industry's nascent content. Mashable reported from CES, the major electronics showcase in Las Vegas, that a VR porn company had rented out an entire meeting room, which was reportedly quite popular with the tech crowd there.

That brings us to the Gold Club, whose website announces that "The dream of virtual reality is finally coming to fruition [with] Gold Club San Francisco VR, 'The World’s First Virtual Reality Strip Club Experience." Why "world's first" is in quotes like that, I have no idea. It's a "collaborative brain child between gaming startup Vixen VR and San Francisco’s premiere gentleman’s club," they write, currently in pre-sale and supposedly launching in February. According to the site, the service will be available on platforms like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus, the Facebook-owned VR company.

Here's the promo, which was released just yesterday, should you feel the need to watch it:

What a time to be alive. To make the experience complete, maybe they can start delivering the popular Gold Club fried chicken?

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