Save up to 74% on these premium countless hundreds of dollars on fines you won’t be getting.

New year, new laws: recently enacted legislation states that all of us California kids aren’t allowed to hold our smartphones at all while driving, unless we want a hefty fine. So check out these handy mounts and accessories for easy hands-free phone usage, and save that ticket money for something nice for yourself:

1. 'ExoMount Touch' Universal Car Mount


This super intuitive car mount attaches and releases your smartphone with just one touch. That means you can effortlessly mount or unmount your phone, even if you’re juggling a hot coffee as you’re getting directions to that meeting you’re running late for.

Buy now: The easiest mount you’ll ever use is now $18.75, reduced from $29.95.

2. ExoMount Touch Air Vent Car Mount


Sometimes it’s all about location, and that’s certainly the case with this convenient mount. Easily clip it to your air vent so you can always glance at it, even as you’re paying attention to the road. You can even swivel it to portrait or landscape modes, depending on your needs.

Buy now: No more craning your neck for $16.99, reduced from $24.95.

3. Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount


Attach this flexible car mount to your dashboard or windshield, and customize the angle to whatever degree you prefer. Its gooseneck, 360-degree rotation gives you lots of options — and you can still stay totally hands-free.

Buy now: Get the Layze Car Mount for $12.99, or 73% off.

4. Universal Smartphone Shadow Mount


Minimalist and lightweight, the Universal Smartphone Shadow Mount uses a strong magnet to hold your phone in place to the durable rubber base of the mount. You’ll get a steady view of your smartphone, even if there are a few bumps in the road.

Buy now: And it compliments any smartphone design — get it now for $9.99, or half off.

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