Six months after the single suspect in the January 2015 Page Street quadruple homicide was arrested, he remains "languishing in jail" according to his public defender, who has reached out to the Examiner to explain that it's basically the fault of the DA's Office that things have progressed so slowly.

27-year-old Lee Farley Jr. was arrested last July, a year and a half after the January 9, 2015 drive-by shooting that left Manuel O’Neal, David Saucier II, Harith Atchan, and Yalani Chinyamurindi dead. While Farley is likely not the only person to be charged in the murders, we had already heard back in September that the investigation had been stymied by a reluctance by possible witnesses to talk to police — even though the shooting occurred in evening hours on a dense residential stretch at Page and Laguna when many people were likely awake and/or walking nearby.

Farley's attorney, his second in six months, Douglas Rappaport, says he's been waiting on disclosures from the DA's office that were promised in November, and that were only delivered last week. "I’m happy that we are moving forward," Rappaport tells the Ex. "[But] I wish I had gotten [this] a couple months ago."

Farley was connected to the crime because investigators had him on surveillance video talking to the driver of a rented silver Hyundai on the day of the shooting, and then getting into the car, and they also found parking citations in a seat pocket of the car that had been issued to Farley just a few days before the shooting.

At the time of his arrest last year, 18 months after the shooting, Farley was already in the federal pen in Atwater, California, serving time for a different crime.

Anonymous sources have apparently given police names of other alleged gang members who were involved with the crime, and the SFPD has said that the four victims were all known to be members of the Western Addition-based Mac Block gang. The victims' car, in which all four were killed, had two pistols inside it, neither of which had been discharged, and the victims' parents have said that the four went to the area that January night to "air it out" with members of the Page Street gang, with whom they'd been feuding.

Farley's next court date is January 23.

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