Following the death of a man who was trapped between a BART train and the platform at San Francisco's 24th Street Station last week, an anonymous donor has stepped forward to transport the victim's remains to the country in which he spent part of his childhood.

As previously reported, the San Francisco Fire Department deployed air bags to move a BART car trapping a man since identified as 31-year-old Hayward resident Jeff De La Fuente between the train and the station on Wednesday, January 4.

Despite their efforts, De La Fuente expired at San Francisco General Hospital at 7:50 p.m., a little more than an hour after he was pulled from between the cars. According to investigators, his stumble and fall at the station was "a tragic accident," BART spokesperson Jim Allison says, not an intentional act.

"I also use the 24th Street BART station and I was like, 'how does someone get pinned,'" De La Fuente's girlfriend Dorothy Mak told ABC 7. "The doctor said that he fought,...He fought to stay alive he really did."

Mak says that De La Fuente was employed as a mechanic at a Mission shop, "but he also drove a cab and made many friends while doing so." He was also preparing for law school, she says, and "was scheduled to take his LSAT in February."

Following his death, Mak set up a Go Fund Me crowdfunding page to collect money to "help Jeff's mom with the funeral expenses and arranging for him to be brought back to the Philippines for burial." According to ABC 7, De La Fuente was born in Berkeley but "spent part of his childhood in the Philippines." However, as of Monday morning, contributions to the Go Fund Me were being refused, Mak writes, as "we have stopped collecting donations as there was a generous donor that has funded the entire amount required for Jeff's expenses."

According to Mak, De La Fuente's mother has asked GoFundMe to refund donors to the crowdfunding campaign, but "if anyone would like to make a contribution in honor of Jeff, we would greatly appreciate it if you could donate directly to Feeding America, a charity and cause that was very dear to Jeff."

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