We learned last month that despite a high-profile funeral that drew many local dignitaries and media coverage, the late Rose Pak's remains still had not been interred despite her body being "paraded through the streets of the city en route to Cypress Lawn in Colma," as San Francisco Magazine discovered. The issue preventing her cremation and interment was a dispute over her estate being fought by Pak's two sisters, Theresa Pak Wang and Joanna Pak Kish, with Wang apparently trying to claim the entire $656,000 estate for herself, and serve as its administrator, and Kish also attempting be appointed administrator. The two have now agreed, as the Chronicle reports, to finally cremate Pak's remains and have Fremont Bank serve as administrator.

It appears also that Kish has dropped her pursuit of a possible malpractice suit against San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center, where Pak was treated for kidney failure prior to her death. Kish had held up the cremation pending a possible private autopsy for this purpose.

The dispute was surprising to many who assumed that Pak did not have much money to leave behind, but court documents show that she owned property estimated to be worth $400,000, and personal assets of $256,000.

Since September 18, when she passed away, Pak's body has been in storage at Green Street Mortuary in North Beach, despite what Wang told SF Mag was a "phony" funeral procession to the cemetery in Colma.

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