A 33-year-old woman gave birth in the chilly predawn air of Golden Gate Park early Monday morning according to a spokesperson with the San Francisco Fire Department who spoke with Bay City News.

Fire officials fielded a call at about 4 a.m. regarding a woman apparently in labor behind the park's Rose Garden. Fire department workers were able to locate her and transport her and her infant to California Pacific Medical Center on California Street. The two were in fair condition said the spokesperson, Jonathan Baxter.

The call the department received was anonymous and it wasn't known whether the woman who gave birth was alone when she did so, at temperatures that were below 50 degrees.

“We’re asking members of the public that if they see something, say something," Baxter told KRON 4, which also reported on the birth. If you see someone giving birth outside in cold temperatures, you too are encouraged to call 911, or 311 for a non-emergency.

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