We all need a little harmless distraction, especially right now, and for many people that need is met by video games. One resident of San Francisco, however, apparently required something a bit bigger. Last night the anonymous console jockey was spotted playing a giant game of Super Mario Bros on the side of a lower Haight building, and the resulting video — while short — is great.

"[OMG] you guys someone is playing Super Mario Bros projected on the side of a building at Haight and Fillmore," tweeted Dan Jackson, who spotted the game in progress while on his way to do laundry.

"I couldn't see anyone playing or controlling it, so I'm not even sure who set it up," he told Hoodline. And while no sound was audible (presumably the person had speakers on inside, or was wearing headphones), it was "pretty awesome" according to Jackson.

Pretty awesome indeed.

Sunday night's public display of gaming is not the only one to make the news recently, with Motherboard profiling a couple who run what they call a Mobile GameStop. Star and Maurice frequently post their 1991 brown Honda Accord up at heavily trafficked spots around San Francisco (think outside of bars) and rig it with multiple gaming consoles and televisions — letting anyone who happens to wander by play for free. The two focus on classic video games, like Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

"The whole philosophy is that this is for us, the adults," Star told Motherboard, "that’s why we keep it old school. We’re working hard, we’re stressed and we need to relax and have fun and remember a time when life was simple. It gives people this moment where it brings them back."

No word yet if the gamer behind the projection above Love Haight Computers is willing to open things up to an eager public, but perhaps he or she could take a tip from Star and share the 1-Ups around. "The simple things are what makes people happy."

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