Can you feel it? That sense of excitement? That's the first game of the Golden State Warriors season — it's tonight, and fans are stoked. With the Giants out of the running for the World Series, and the Niners predictably awful, Bay Area sports fans are once again turning their attention to the record-setting Warriors. And, as KRON4 reports, ticket prices for tonight's game against the San Antonio Spurs show that the Warriors are still very much Bay Area darlings.

Seats in the nosebleeds are going for $114 on StubHub, and a standing room only ticket will cost you close to $99. This being both the opening night game and the first game for Kevin Durant as a Warrior, however, those prices seem understandable.

After last season's 73 and 9 record, fans surely have high hopes for the team — hopes that Warriors President and COO Rick Welts addressed in a chat with KQED. "This is what every NBA team would like to have," he mused. "We can’t complain about the expectations, right? It’s been framed as a championship-or-bust season. I don’t think our players are approaching it that way. It’s great to have those high expectations, but we haven’t won a game yet."

Indeed, as a recently released ad for Steph Curry's line of shoes reminds us, last year's record is "old news." It's going to be a long slog of a season, but fans and players are clearly both excited for what many hope will be a championship year.

"One of the things we always felt about this franchise … was that the Warriors had every ingredient for success," Welts told the publication. "Look where we get to play, where we get to live, look at the companies charting the future of the world, look at the physical beauty of the place. And we always felt: Put this in the right ownership hands and it should stand toe to toe with any franchise — not just in the NBA, but in all of sports."

That's exactly what Bay Area sports fans are counting on.

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