Cortland Ave just is about to get a little less sweet as the Bernal Heights neighborhood spot Pinkie's Bakery announced it will close by the end of this week. Bernalwood reports that adding to the shock is the fact that the location was actually profitable. Despite that fact, problems elsewhere in the Pinkie's pastry empire forced owner Cheryl Storms to make the tough call.

"Yes it’s true," Storms told the blog. "Our Folsom location and our sister restaurant Citizen’s Band shut down last month… Basically it is taking Pinkie’s on Cortland down with it. That’s pretty much all I can say about the details."

Storm is referring to the other now-closed Pinkie's location on Folsom and 8th. It seems that whatever financial hit came with that closure was enough to do in the Bernal location as well. For neighbors in love with the shop's doughnuts, Bernalwood reports that this is definitely sad news.

"I think it’s unfortunate," Joshua told the publication. "They do a killer doughnut these days and my dogs go crazy for their home made dog treats."

Pinkie's Bernal location itself had recently taken over from another bakery, Sandbox Bakery, which was sold to Storms in the summer of last year. "The hardest thing is letting go of the employees," Storm lamented. "Many of them have been with me for years and have always been loyal and like family to me. I hate letting them down."

The shop's final day is this Friday. If you need to eat your sorrows in the form of baked goods, try nearby Little Bee Baking.

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