San Francisco is a common setting for big and small screen TV shows, but it's rare that more than an occasional establishing scene is actually shot on our streets (Murder in the First, I'm looking at you). As previously reported, Hulu series Chance actually filmed a lot of scenes here — scenes the locational veracity of which you can start fact checking today.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu doesn't drop their series all at once, but as of today two episodes of the show are available on the platform that someone you know probably has a password to. But is the Hugh Laurie-starring psychological thriller worth your time?

According to (a site for which I also write), which screened the series, "It's House meets Bosch meets Vertigo" but "the first 20 minutes of Chance may have you checking your watch."

That said,'s writer (who lives in New York, so is more objective on SF's charms than I'd be) says that "the set design is a lot of fun, and Chance does capture that filtered light of San Francisco, and the disorienting effect of a sun that never quite comes out all the way."

Is SF's scenery enough to make me want to watch, in an era that contains so much compelling TV? Maybe, for a while...and I do like Hugh Laurie, Clarke "Lester Freamon" Peters and Ethan Suplee, who plays (get this) a "cheerfully vengeful blacksmith." I'll try to dive in and report back soon, and when you check it out let us know what you think in the comments, OK?

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