The success of The Mill's Monday and Wednesday pizza nights, launched over two years ago, has convinced owner Josie Baker to expand on that, and as Hoodline sees today, he's filed an application to serve beer and wine full time, under the auspices of Four Barrel, his partners in the biz. Baker says the idea is to offer a simple nightly menu along the lines of the pizza nights, likely including pizza and salad, as well as the addition of soup and maybe grilled cheese sandwiches.

Liquor licenses tend to take several months to get approved, so it's unlikely we'll be seeing The Mill open nightly before the end of the year.

It's also unclear how much of a beer and wine selection they're planning to offer, given that their focus up until now has been solely on coffee, or who'll be curating those offerings — though the nearby Bi-Rite location could probably be of some help.

In any event, that pizza is pretty damn good, so watch out, Ragazza.

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