The Eureka Valley and Dolores Heights neighborhood is a solid representation of a true San Francisco experience, and proud home of the motivating power behind the gay rights movement.

A strong influence in the neighborhood is the world-renowned Castro district. It was built on the principles of equal rights after the 1978 assassination of the first openly gay San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk, igniting the community to take a historic turn. Together, the community became activists, forging the way for the now celebratory and thriving LGBTQ population.


Also calling the neighborhood home are young families that have begun to migrate to the energizing neighborhood. Small pockets of its residential grid are home to some of the most coveted addresses in San Francisco, with Liberty Hill’s exclusive homes at the top of that list. Other residential areas are full of multi-family homes that cater to individuals hip to the house-sharing lifestyle of big city living.


Centrally located, it provides access to the Muni streetcar lines and other city buses headed in almost every direction with the border along Market Street a straight shot down to the freeway entrance.


At the same time, the closer you are to the Castro district's main hub the livelier the neighborhood becomes with hot-spot destination bars, dance clubs, restaurants, and exciting nightlife every day of the week. For the latest Eureka Valley and Dolores Heights listings, check out


Eureka Valley and Dolores Heights are 2 of 89 neighborhoods in San Francisco. With so many distinct areas, understanding the City’s real estate market requires a nuanced and highly local approach. As a business operating in San Francisco since 1978, with nearly 400 agents, Zephyr Real Estate is specially positioned to cater to your real estate needs, whether buying or selling.

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