Interested in better collaboration?

With technology at the forefront of the way most office team members communicate and collaborate, it's common for businesses and startups to emphasize the importance of doing more with less tools. Young professionals need to be able to multitask, strategize and execute using solutions that help get the job done in less time. 

But it's all too common to see many employees using too many tools to accomplish one thing — for example, a video conference call could require the use of a video platform, a separate file sharing solution and for everyone to reference back to an email, all at once. That's at least three different windows to manage, which can be not only frustrating, but can more readily lead to human error when you're jumping around browser to browser.  

Or how about that frustrating kind of planning and logistics call where documents are missing and need to be sent live, only to waste time as colleagues struggle to figure out which  document is actually being referenced. That's not to mention when markups and changes need to be made, and you find yourself going agonizingly line-by-line for a call that was supposed to be about getting stuff done. 

If you're interested in efficient, highly creative online conversations that actually enrich the development of a product, service or project, then Droplr is the right communication solution for you. Droplr is an app that can be used from a browser or desktop application. Imagine a file sharing, video recording and screenshare markup solution all in one – that's what you get with this tool. You get the best out of Dropbox (without the clunkiness) and Skitch (with more features).

Simply log into your Droplr account, drag and drop the file(s) you want to work on into it, and get to work with up to three different users. You can brainstorm new ideas and functionalities for a website using images, screen captures, videos and even GIFs (try sending one to a colleague). 

It's a way to essentially enrich all your online conversations with context and keep it fast: a key to productivity. 

Droplr comes with a whole host of handy features, including:

Lightning fast sharing
Take an image from anywhere on your device, record your activity as a gif or video and include the link in a chat or email. It's that fast. Every screenshot you capture is even automatically included as a short link.

Automated organization
Tag all your "Drops" (content) without any messy folders — because the worst thing by far about an intranet or content library is sifting through endless folders just to find that one thing you need. You can quickly find content and collections with a single click, helping save time.

Easy screenshot markup
Share your screen through videos or captures, and mark them up so your team knows exactly what you're referencing. You can preview what you share, plus only share what you want to show. You can even choose if you want the content to disappear once you've released it (like credit card information or otherwise) and password protect certain Drops. 

Intuitive video recording

Select any part of your screen that you want to record, and pause or mute audio during recording.

Droplr even integrates with the products you might already be leveraging, like Slack, Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, Asana, Hipchat, Twitter, Basecamp, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Interested in better collaboration? You can pick up a 4-year subscription to Droplr for three users right now for $39.99. That's 90% off and about the price you'd normally pay for a single user.