Livermore police officer Dan Black, who's one of seven East Bay law enforcement officers being charged by the Alameda County district attorney in connection with the Celeste Guap scandal, spoke via Facebook Messenger on Friday to ABC 7's Dan Noyes, saying "No way!" did he think he'd be charged in the case, and insisting that all he did was have consensual sex with another adult in his RV in a restaurant parking lot.

Black says that he did not know Guap was a prostitute, did not know about her encounters with other officers, and says he thought she was a nanny. He admits, though, that he offered to buy her dinner, picked her up in his RV, and took her to Spenger's Grotto in Berkeley, where they dined and then spent the night in the RV in the parking lot.

Guap claims that Black announced to her when they met "I don't pay for sex but I will buy you dinner," but Black says that was taken out of context. Also, he jokes, "We all pay for it — diamonds, gifts and marriage."

And, he tells ABC 7, "Sex and prostitution are two very different things. One is legal and one is not."

Black has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of engaging in an act of prostitution and two more misdemeanors of engaging in a lewd act in a public place. He claims he is "still employed with the Livermore PD," but he's been on administrative leave now for several months.

Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley tells the station that it was still paying for sex, regardless of how Black spins it. "It doesn't have to be money. It can be food. I mean we have children on the street who are homeless who are engaging in commercial sex because they don't have food."

Other officers, including several unnamed officers with the Oakland Police Department, have been charged with sexual exploitation, inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor, and obstruction of justice.

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