The year is 2022: Flying cars dot the skyscape, Google Glass 3.0 adorns everyone's face, and people consume only Soylent (or one of its offshoots). Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl is once again back in the Bay Area. According to the Chronicle, that last part might end up being more fact than fiction if officials with the San Francisco 49ers get their way.

That's right, the Niners are gearing up to lobby public officials to make another bid to host the Super Bowl in Santa Clara. The locations for the next five Super Bowls have already been selected, leaving 2022 as the first open slot.

We learned in February that the Host Committee officially wanted the game (and attendant Muni disruptions, hidden costs, and homeless camp clearings) back in the Bay, and now, armed with a new report the committee commissioned from private research company Sportsimpacts, 49ers President Al Guido has started to make his case.

“We still have a lot of work to do on the planning over the next 18 to 24 months, but we are excited about the potential of bringing another Super Bowl to the Bay Area,” he told the Chronicle.

As you surely remember, the game was not without controversy — controversy that was not put to rest by a San Francisco's City Controller report released in May finding SF netted $2.6 million on the game and surrounding events.

If the Niners officials do get their way, we can only hope that San Francisco's elected representatives learned valuable lessons from the 2015 game. Namely, that they should probably get some sort of written agreement from the NFL before agreeing to host Super Bowl City, and/or just let this one be a Santa Clara Bowl.

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