You surely remember that Critical Mass confrontation last August that turned ugly when a Zipcar driver happened upon the bicycle convention, possibly stepped on the gas with a cyclist in front of her, angered several cyclists, and one in particular with a telltale mustache harangued her and hit the car with his U-lock breaking at least one window? It was all caught on video, which you can watch again below, and the cyclist who hit the car was soon apprehended and identified as 39-year-old Ian Hespelt of San Francisco. And on Friday morning, as The Examiner reports, Hespelt appeared in court and plead guilty to felony assault and vandalism charges.

Prosecutors say Hespelt caused $1,400 in damage to the car. He'll now return to court on July 25 for sentencing.

The incident happened August 28, 2015 in the Marina, and cyclists would argue that Hespelt had a right to be angry at the driver when, as you can sort of see in the video, she failed to yield as several bicycles were passing in front of her, riding against traffic, and may have pushed Hespelt's bike with her bumper.

Police were able identify Hespelt by sight a week after the incident when he was out riding his bike in the vicinity of a Billy Joel concert at AT&T Park, and officers on bike patrol recognized his mustache from the video.

Initially he was charged with vandalism, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, and maliciously and willfully throwing a substance at a vehicle, to which he pleaded not guilty.

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