Two suspects have been arrested in the double-murder of San Jose couple Golam and Shamima Rabbi, the husband and wife discovered shot to death in their own home this past weekend. According to the Chronicle, the San Jose Police Department has arrested the Rabbis' two sons as the primary suspects.

"Follow-up investigation revealed Hasib Bin Golamrabbi [age 22] and his 17-year-old brother as the persons responsible for this homicide," reads a statement issued today by SJPD. "On 4-27-16, Suspect Hasib Golamrabbi was arrested in Tracy, CA, and his brother was arrested in San Jose."

The name and photograph of the younger brother have not been released as he is a juvenile.

According to a friend of the family who found the bodies and as reported earlier, a message reading "Sorry, my first kill was clumsy," was scrawled on the floor of the home and hinted that the murders were the work of an aspiring serial killer. Regardless of the disturbing message, the culprit may have been closer to home.
ABC 7 also has a new detail of another message written by the killer — a second message, which like the other "had been written on the walls and floor at the murder scene." It read, "I can't be like you telling a lie. I can't love someone without telling them."

The murder of the Rabbis had shocked the surrounding community, and that their sons may be involved only added to the surprise. “Any tension was completely out of my knowledge,” the Chronicle reports the elder Rabbi's 37-year-old nephew, Golam Mustakim, as saying. “They were quiet, nice children. They always got along with their parents.”

The San Jose Police department has confirmed that there "are no outstanding suspects," but have yet to release a possible motive. Golam and Shamima Rabbi emigrated to San Jose from Bangladesh over 30 years ago. Golam had worked as an engineer, and Shamima as an accountant.

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