Ugh, what is going on here? Thanks to BART rider/SFist reader Keith Wilson, we're getting a look at an unfortunate cut of meat ā€” a steak, if you will ā€” that reportedly found itself staking out one of the transit agency's seats. HA HA GET IT? (Probably good luck for me that Caligula's long gone.)

If, like Wilson, you came upon this scene on a crowded train, would you let the meat rest? Or would you move it and take over its seat? If the latter, would you touch the beef with your bare hands?

Of course, I could be wrong! Maybe it's not beef, it's bison, or venison, or wild boar. If you see this bloody BART rider in the wild, I encourage you to take a bite* and let me know.

*For pete's sake, do not actually do this! Gross!