After last month's roundly mocked unveiling of the next line of iPhones disappointed the Cupertino faithful, Apple-watchers this week jumped on early reports that the next phone model to come from the technology giant would ditch its aluminum backing and instead be made entirely of glass. According to 9to5Mac, "reliable Apple analyst" Ming-Chi Kuo says the 2017 version of the phone will feature an "all-glass enclosure with AMOLED screen."

AppleInsider reports that this change is not being made for technical reasons — indeed, the glass is actually heavier than the current aluminum (and, undoubtedly, more shatter prone). Rather, the likely change is to be made for reasons of marketing and branding. "Kuo believes that switching to a glass back on the 2017 iPhone will give a 'feeling of freshness' to consumers," notes the publication, "allowing Apple's handset to stand out from the competition."

For those of you scratching your heads and attempting to remember the iPhone 4, we'll save you the trouble: Yes, the iPhone 4 also had an exterior primarily made of glass (remember photos of shattered backs of phones?). How this return to a style most associated with a phone released in 2010 will bring a "feeling of freshness" is anyone's guess, but hey, what's old is new and so on and so forth.

The accident-prone shouldn't stress yet, however, as it is believed the next Apple phone (expected to be released in September of this year) will keep its metal backing. And besides, this is all speculation anyway, so go back to playing with your Apple Watch.

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