The two teenagers presumed dead after being swept to sea by a rip current on Saturday afternoon have been identified as Wayne Ausa and Grisham Duran of Vallejo. Friends and family are mourning them this week, though their bodies have not yet been recovered.

As ABC 7 reports, both were students at Vallejo High School, and they were arm-in-arm with three other boys in waist-deep water at Ocean Beach when they were knocked apart by a wave. The other three boys managed to get back to shore, but Ausa and Duran have not been seen since.

Previously it was reported that both boys were 17, but ABC 7 now says they were both 16.

CBS 5 reports that, according to the Coast Guard which called off search efforts after sundown Saturday, it could be weeks before their bodies drift back to shore.

Ausa's brother Stephen has set up a GoFundMe page for both families to help with funeral expenses.

He also posted the message below to Facebook, saying, "I'm not the best at giving speeches but all my heart is saying is i love you. I know we've been through tough times and i never told you this. But man.... It hurts not having you here."

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