As you should have heard by now, the Golden State Warriors broke what was thought to be an impossible-to-break record last night, winning 73 out of 82 games in their regular season and besting the legendary Chicago Bulls of the 1995-96 season, led by Michael Jordan. As Slate puts it, "The Golden State Warriors are officially the greatest regular-season basketball team in NBA history, and the coming playoffs will determine if they are better even than that."

To celebrate, in their honor, Lake Chalet in Oakland is serving 73-cent beers all day today, Thursday, April 14. These are said to be Chalet handcrafted draught beers, and at that price you can probably afford a snack or some oysters to go with them.

Lake Chalet, with specializes in seafood and sits beside Lake Merritt, was on the parade route for the Warriors' victory parade after their championship win last June — as you can see in the photo above.