A San Francisco sheriff's deputy who has now been very much disarmed had a little baby accident yesterday when he discharged a so-called "baby Glock" within the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant Street. According to coverage on NBC Bay Area, the round of fire nearly hit, but instead missed, a fellow deputy. No one was hurt.

The firearm, says Sheriff's Department spokesperson Eileen Hurst, was a non-duty weapon, so this is a bring your gun to work, show and tell situation apparently. “An accidental discharge of a firearm is a very serious matter,” Hurst said. “We are all very grateful that no one was injured.” She did not provide details beyond the fact that the incident is under investigation and occurred while court was not in session.

However, a Superior Court spokesperson added that the incident occurred at around 7:10 a.m. yesterday inside an office. The round of fire lodged in a wall and a storage cabinet. And apparently somebody did say more, because NBC Bay Area reports further that the weapon was a 22-caliber handgun "baby Glock."

The incident went down like this, they say: One deputy brought the handgun in to the Hall of Justice and handed it to another deputy, who, asking how it worked, pointed it at the first deputy. Unaware it was loaded, he pulled the trigger. It barely missed the first deputy.

The second deputy, he who fired the weapon, has been relieved of his own weapons, but remains on duty.

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