A proposed SFMTA budget that would penalize people who use cash to purchase Muni tickets with a 25-cent surcharge has run into trouble, with two supervisors coming out in opposition, and one specifically arguing that the fee targets the poor. So reports The Examiner, which quotes Supervisor David Campos as saying he will not vote to pass the budget with that provision included.

“I won’t support a budget that has that” Campos told the paper. “It’s regressive and not a good idea. I can’t support it.” Board of Supervisors President London Breed apparently agrees, and told the Ex as much. "I am not happy about it…I don’t like it because not everyone can upload a Clipper Card with money in advance.”

Those who rely on cash to pay for Muni, such as people with limited internet access or those who cannot afford to tie up scant funds in a Clipper Card (or pay the $3 cost of the card in the first place), would suffer the most under the recently proposed budget which, according to the Chronicle, counts on money from these riders for an estimated $3.8 million in 2017 alone.

Supervisors Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener reportedly support the cash-penalty, telling the paper they would not vote against the budget — which must be considered in its entirety — because of it. If approved by the board, the Chronicle reports that the penalty would take effect on January 1.

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