Conservative website Breitbart may not be for everyone. In fact, it's against a lot of people. Like Obama! You know, the guy who, in the words of the invitation to a now-cancelled meet up for enthusiasts of the website, is "trampling... the Constitution and squelching... American freedoms."

So who is Breitbart for, then? Mostly Donald Trump, at least according to one editor who quit for that very reason, calling the site a vessel for "Trump propaganda" according to Politico.

Anyway, the event, which was to be held in the enemy territory of San Francisco, was scheduled for Wednesday and led to lots of excited comments from would-be attendees. But after the Chronicle reached out to the Chapel in the Mission, who had reportedly agreed to host the meet up for a conservative group they did not know specifically was Breitbart, the venue cancelled.

"They were very sneaky," the Chapel's owner told the paper. "I'm in favor of free speech, but this is not about free speech."

The timing for a Breitbart celebration is, well, not good. The site is embroiled in scandal as reporter Michelle Fields and several editors resigned their positions, according to Buzzfeed, because her Breitbart higher-ups dismissed and attempted to discredit her widely corroborated allegations that she was assaulted by Donald Trump's campaign manager.

"Joining us for the evening will be Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos as we discuss government, politics, and liberty," the invitation states. Yiannopoulos you may recall from his trollish behavior on Twitter which recently led, as Fusion wrote, to the de-verification of his account.

As one person planning to attend wrote before its cancellation, "Looking forward to discussing the implications of Chicago's silencing of Donald Trump's rally with Milo, considering this is the type of thing he is up against every time he speaks... Shutting down a political rally in the name of free speech is a FARCE!"

Now empowered by the perception that they're being similarly silenced, Breitbart enthusiasts are saying the same about themselves. "All you have to do is call us a group of racists and we're silenced," one person who had sent in an RSVP to the meet up wrote. "All we wanted to do is to have a place where we could discuss topics like fear-mongering tactics used against conservatives/libertarians and like-minded folk. I can't tell you how many outspoken anti-feminists have been censored like this."

It's okay, free speech heroes. While you may not be able to meet up in person, it seems like you're pretty comfy speaking your mind, consequence free, on the Internet.

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