It's been a rough week for polymath Kanye West, between his alleged "meltdown" at Saturday Night Live and his tweeted announcement of his $53 million debt, that is.

It's hard to figure out how to react to the guy — Is this performance art? Is he actually having a breakdown? Are we all being punked? Or does someone in his inner circle just need to take his damn phone away? Fortunately, at least one of the folks he's recently compared himself to handled the odd situation with (typical) poise.

It was Valentine's Day when West announced, via Twitter, that he's both the Michael Jordan (the basketball player, I presume, not the actor known for his role in Creed) and Steph Curry of music. (Which seems like the sort of thing you wait for other people to say about you but then again I'm the last person to talk shit about self-promotion.) It was a few days before the media got to ask the known Friend of Drake/Golden State Warrior his take on the comparison, and his answer was characteristically gracious yet candid.

When asked about this yesterday, here's what Curry had to say:

I’ve seen a lot of his (Kanye’s) crazy outlandish tweets, especially in the past month, and then when I saw my name cross through his fingertips, that was kind of funny and honoring at the same time. But then also very weird that he put me in the same conversation as Michael and Kanye.

“Someone did a graphic of me in my jersey and Jordan, they dubbed him guarding me, and Kanye’s face was on both of us. That’s my favorite meme of all time — or so far to-date. I’m gonna have to get that blown up on my wall or something.

You can watch his full response in the video below:

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