A quick post-mortem about that bizarre halftime show: If, like us, you were confused by the choice to let Coldplay anywhere near a stage on which Beyoncé is performing, a new interview in Rolling Stone reveals that yesterday was not the first time Queen Bey made Chris Martin feel small.

The whole interview only exists in print right now, but Rolling Stone posted a few highlights, among which is this.

Martin once presented a song to Beyoncé called "Hook Up" and played it in the studio for her and producer Stargate. She turned it down, he says, "in the sweetest possible way: She told me, 'I really like you — but this is awful.'"

Martin also apparently talked about how excited he was to perform at the Super Bowl, and talks about how he "plotted just how Bruno Mars and Beyoncé would play their roles onstage."

Wait, what? Are we supposed to believe that Chris Martin should be thanked for all the choreography, or...?

In related news, following on the tweetstorm last night over Empire star Taraji P. Henson's social media goof in which she mistook Coldplay for Maroon 5, Maroon 5 has taken it in stride and just decided to thank her.

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