San Francisco's Marina Green is getting a small taste of the El Niño-driven erosion experienced by our Pacifica neighbors, as part of the walkway has broken apart due to soil erosion underneath — leaving a gaping hope in the process.

So reports CBS 5, which points out that the area washed away after the last big storm. And the hole has remained despite the potential danger to pedestrians, with no caution tape to warn those who pass by.

“I haven’t seen them do anything about it,” fisherman Vy Tuck told the channel. “It looks worse than expected. It’s getting washed out from underneath there,” he continued.

Marina Green runs from Fort Mason to the yacht harbor, and has claimed at least one life. In 2013 a woman drowned at the spot while in her minivan, with witnesses at the time saying she looked unconscious as the van sped into the Bay. Several bystanders jumped in the water and attempted to break the rear window of the van as it floated in order to get her out, but were unsuccessful.

CBS 5 reached out to the Department of Public Works, but their call went unreturned. Turk told the channel that the hole continues to increase in size.

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