The wonderful beach-side city of Pacifica has had a rough year. First El Niño storm surges closed a pier, next they created a 40-foot sinkhole, then they forced the declaration of a state of emergency as the ground eroded out from under cliff-side apartments. Well, it looks the home of the coolest Taco Bell in the country isn't out of trouble yet, as a second sink hole opened up this week.

“The new surface opening measures 25 feet long by 3 feet wide by 4 feet deep,” KRON 4 reports City Manager Lorie Tinfow as explaining. “The good news is that the sea wall below the surface opening appears to remain intact.”

For context, this new sinkhole sits between last month's sinkhole and the troubled apartments.

The road isn't the only thing being impacted by the waves. A nearby resident told CBS 5 that the opening of the earth shook her home.

“I did wake up this morning to my triple dresser in my bedroom shaking a bit, and my son came to my door knocking on my door, and said, ‘mom, did you hear that?'” Terri Jackson explained.

Crews were initially unable to address the hole, as high tides prevented them from even figuring out how much destruction had occurred.

“Waves are so strong that the staff can’t get close enough to assess the damage,” Tinfow told CBS. They have since been able to fill the hole.

Pacifica city council declared the state of emergency on January 25.

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