It is a sad day in San Francisco when a beloved dinosaur, friend to all and who calls no one an enemy, is no longer safe on our streets. And yet with the news that a Haight Street mainstay, the brontosaurus-like creature formerly residing on the sidewalk outside of Shoe Biz's Haight location, was stolen sometime last week that is exactly where we find ourselves.

The store put the above flyer online last week, and it seems the dino was stolen off the street at some point during store renovations earlier this year.

"We really want to get him back, Shoe Biz II manager Chantal Jolagh told Hoodline. "We don't think of him as our dinosaur, we think of him as the community's dinosaur."

This theft brings back painful memories of the disappearance of the Mission's Mr. Pickle sometime in 2009. Thankfully in that case, the sandwich-packing mascot was eventually returned unharmed — a fate we can only hope for Shoe Biz's dino.

As Hoodline points out, the dinosaur has been on the sidewalk in front of 1553 Haight Street since 1975, and has become part of the community.

While now a lovely turquoise, our Jurassic friend has had several different colorations over the years — including a lovely Giants orange.

To the dino-nappers out there, if you're reading this: Please bring back our friend. Oh, and definitely don't sit on him.

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