If all this talk about Super Bowl Sunday has you craving a different kind of sundae Fentons Creamery in Oakland has got you covered, and then some. They're offering a special 'Super Bowl Sundae' in honor of the big game next week: a 12-scoop behemoth served in a bowl made out of Oreos that'll set you back $50.

Here's the scoop, according to their Facebook page:

This one is a sight to behold! Weighing in at 10 POUNDS, THE COOKIE BOWL 50 is a beautiful mountain of three American Classics - Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry and three Fentons Classics - Swiss Milk Chocolate, Rocky Road & Toasted Almond ice creams (12 scoops in total) plus boulders of OREO cookies covered with hot fudge, pineapple, strawberry, marshmallow, and caramel toppings, whipped cream, OREO Crumbles and cherries. All served in a housemade OREO Cookie Bowl! This mountain serves 5 to 10 adults or 10 to 15 little ones.

Here's another glamour shot:


The special sundae is being offered now through Super Bowl Sunday on February 6.

As well as being featured as one of our favorite ice cream joints in the Bay Area, Fentons also appeared in Pixar's Up:

Fentons Creamery is located at 4226 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.

(via Facebook)