That fairly annoying Super Bowl 50 statue smack in the line of sight between the well touristed, main grassy hill of Alamo Square and the famed Painted Ladies of Postcard Row was removed Sunday morning, presumably by reps for the Super Bowl Host Committee, after the thing was repeatedly vandalized and toppled over twice over the weekend. As SF Citizen reported, after the letters on it were first rearranged to say "Superb Owl," it got knocked over and some vandals then made the letters say "Oops."

As Hoodline first reported, the thing was vandalized as soon as it was installed, and the extent of hate for this thing only grew more aggressive.

There's no word on whether the 1600-pound statue remains in place in front of City Hall, where some saboteurs rearranged the letters last week to say "Sup Bro." There were also eight more of these things around town.

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