You know that pissoir they installed at Dolores Park that we first heard was coming last year? Well, ever since that first photo hit the internet last week, the nation has been abuzz about kooky San Francisco and our libertine, European urinating ways. You may or may not be surprised to learn that Fox News picked up the story via the Associated Press, as has Time Magazine, the LA Times, Gizmodo, and New York Magazine — whose female writer went with the headline, "San Francisco Park Gets Open-Air Toilet for Half of Population That Can Already Pee Anywhere."

No one outside of SF, of course, understands the context of the massive crowds at the park on sunny days, the heavily male-dominated Gay Beach next to which the pissoir was built, and the rampant peeing in the bushes all along the Muni tracks that was taking place in years past largely for lack of adequate public restrooms — and now, in addition to this urinal, there are 26 other more enclosed places to pee spread across two new restrooms at opposite corners of the park, for those who are either female, or just pee-shy.

But anyhow, until those vines manage to grow up around this thing, you can rest assured that the town that created Folsom Street Fair is also going to be giving Muni riders quite a show at this spot come spring. And I'm guessing more than a few women will give this a go too, after a few beers.

Actually, the weather even on Super Bowl Sunday is looking pretty nice right now.

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