Making sure that visitors in town for the upcoming Santa Clara Super Bowl 50 don't go home with food poisoning from bacon-wrapped hot dogs, city officials announced a crackdown on unpermitted street food vendors to take place the week of the big game. Lovers of SF's street food scene should stock up on their street meats now, as a press release from the San Francisco Department of Public Health says that while the crackdown will focus on Super Bowl events, it will not be limited to them.

"The Department of Public Health, in conjunction with other City agencies, will take enforcement measures toward all non-permitted mobile food vendors during Super Bowl 50 and will offer educational outreach on the permitting process," begins the press release. "Mobile food vendors have become increasingly popular in recent years, and those without permits may pose a public health risk in spreading food-borne illness."

And just in case it was unclear, the release notes that while concentrated on areas hosting Super Bowl events (like Super Bowl City), the stepped-up enforcement will be citywide.

"To help prevent the risk of food-borne illness, all food vendors will be closely monitored during Super Bowl events in January and February."

The Super Bowl City will have its own official food options, despite initial claims by a member of the Host Committee that it would be devoid of food and drink vendors in order to spur visitors to patronize local establishments.

“Hosting Super Bowl 50 events in San Francisco will draw thousands of visitors who will eat, drink and enjoy our City,” explained Barbara Garcia, Director of Health, in the press release. “Our top concern is people’s health and safety.

The press release helpfully instructs unpermitted vendors wishing to sell during the Super Bowl that they should just go ahead and get a permit, and notes that Health Department will be hosting two town hall meetings to explain the process.

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