We mentioned Friday that the Mavericks big-wave surf competition, now known as Titans of Mavericks, could get called any time in the next few weeks — according to the four-color alert legend on the site, we're currently at swell level orange. Some big-wave surfers have already congregated near Half Moon Bay and have gone out to practice on some huge inbound El Nino waves in the last week, and one of them, Garrrett “GMAC” McNamara, was injured in a crazy wipeout that was caught on camera Thursday.

ABC 7 shows us the video several times over during the news segment above, and in it you can see the tiny figure of McNamara plummet down the face of the 50-foot wave, hitting the water three time before getting pummeled by the crashing wave. He broke his arm and also injured his shoulder in the fall, but the 48-year-old surfing legend says, "Surfing is my life. It's my passion. It's what I love to do. And, I will never stop surfing."

Mavericks, the invitation-only competition, will almost definitely have its tenth outing this season, it's just a matter of when. The contest only gets called after organizers observe a worthy swell over several days at the break. In the 16 years that the competition has been running, it has only been called nine previous times.

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