Mugshots are a dime a dozen. At best, they're tabloid fare. But not since the booking photo of the elaborately mustachioed cyclist accused of smashing a car with a U-lock has an image of a person accused of a crime told such a fully rendered, somewhat tragic story as does the image we see here today.

Subtly smiling in the style of a certain da Vinci portrait, a 20-year old Gilroy woman posed for the photo after she was found sitting in a stolen vehicle at a Milpitas gas station KRON 4 writes. And "pose," seems to be the mot juste — the suspect's expression deliberately withholding while her makeup betrays a different emotional tale.

The arrest occurred on Christmas Day in a Chevron Station at 1249 Great Mall Drive. An officer scanned the plates of a Toyota Camry in which the woman, Samantha Chavez, allegedly sat. That officer arrested her on suspicion of auto theft and possession of stolen property, booking her into Santa Clara County Jail.

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