No one expected Ed Lee's third inauguration today to go perfectly smoothly, and we already heard this week that protesters of the December death of Mario Woods at the hands of SF Police would be there to disrupt it however they could. But the scene at City Hall today was a total mess, from the sound of it.

While some protesters had signs and shouts of protest directed at the mayor, cries of "Fire Chief Suhr" were popular as well.


In anticipation of the protests, as the Examiner reports, protesters were restricted from certain areas of the City Hall rotunda, and were mostly cordoned on the second floor. The paper describes the protests as being quieted by sheriff's deputies in riot gear, who also confiscated signs, but some tweets and video indicate that they were fairly disruptive.

Also, former mayor and now Senator Dianne Feinstein was there to throw a little bit of shade in Mayor Lee's direction, in her brief speech, vis a vis the tension of the protest. "I think I can say it’s good to be home, but I’m not too sure about that," Feinstein said. “I took this oath three times as mayor. It’s the best day there is. I am not sure about this day being that. But I want you to know that as the 43rd mayor I wish you all of the best."

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Photo: Mark.2000/Flickr