Alphabet is not giving up on Google Glass. As the company said earlier this year, the road has not gone off a cliff for the much reviled facecomputer, and now 9 to 5 Google reports that an enterprise edition of the device may soon be on its way. They have it that the thing now has a larger prism and "a hinge that allows it to fold and is built to withstand bumps and bruises in the workplace," and that it may be getting a new name — it's may be one of a couple of wearables that are part of the company's Project Aura.

As CNET reports, via some photos of the interior and exterior of this 2.0 iteration, the company has made a filing with the FCC, and the new version looks a lot like the original — basically like eyeglasses with out lenses and a prism that wraps around to the right eye.

The Wall Street Journal over the summer reported that Google/Alphabet was "quietly distributing a new version of its Glass wearable computer aimed at businesses in industries such as health care, manufacturing and energy."

The company officially stopped sales of the original Explorer model to consumers in January 2015.

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