You know that withering, book- and fine carpet-loving Englishman who's woefully stuck in dreary San Francisco and wishes he could see some culture and trees again someday? Well, Benedict Evans, known previously to Twitter and the tech world as a dude who talks a lot about mobile technology and tweets a lot of trend graphs, became this week's SF tech world bête noire when he whined on Twitter about how he can't find anything worthwhile to do in SF. Everyone who still uses Twitter came for him on Twitter, and for the most part he took it — or he blocked them.

Now self-described local asshole and champion of graphic designers who struggle sometimes to get paid, Mike Monteiro, has offered up his insult comic talents to us all, at Benedict Evans' expense. He will, as he announced last night, creatively insult Benedict Evans on your behalf for every $100 donation made to Everytown, a non-profit supporting gun safety.

As he has with many of his critics and insulters, Evans of course replied.

As proof it is already working, as of midnight last night...

A couple of people have already tweeted their donation receipts to Monteiro, but I have to say, he needs to up his insult game so far. And, to be clear, Evans never said that he hated the homeless, he merely brought up their ubiquitousness as an example of how terrible SF is — and as Buzzfeed noted, he's big on defending his exact words, via Twitter.

Anyway, opinions are like herpes, and blah blah. Evans has a right to not care for SF, and like a lot of his ilk, he probably won't be here long. In the meantime, he can use up his idle hours responding to hecklers on Twitter, because that's clearly the mark of a wise and cultured soul.

But if you'd like to show him that San Francisco doesn't take kindly to being dismissed by boring fools, and you have a hundred bucks to spare for gun violence, go for it. Though you might want to DM Monteiro some insult ideas — fun topics could include the need to get laid, ignorance of public parks and beaches, and carpet shopping.

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