Though the once-official Twitter account for San Francisco's SantaCon "celebration" has been declaring the event dead since last year, organizers say the bacchanal is good to go on December 12, even as area bars and restaurants reportedly warn red-and-white clad partiers away from their establishments. Or are they?

Way back in 2012 Eater SF helpfully created a "Go Back To The North Pole" sign intended "to help protect the restaurant and bar owners of this city." Now it's 2015, and NBC Bay Area reports that "signs that declare 'No Love For SantaCon' are popping up in bars and restaurants to ward off the debauchery associated with SantaCon." It's worth noting, however, that the broadcast news station did not actually provide any concrete local examples of said signs! Have you seen any while out and about?

As Caleb noted in his pre-SantaCon report from this time last year, the now-national event's relationship with its originating city of San Francisco has grown slightly less sweet since its inception in 1994, with more and more residents complaining about participants displaying drunken daytime debauchery and boorish behavior. Perhaps that friction between naughty and nice is one of the reasons organizers say that "Some Rogue Elf has taken over the SF SantaCon Twitter site, spreading naughtiness about SantaCon being Dead."

The "rogue" death announcement from 2014:

And a second one, from October of this year:

However, organizers say that "It’s simply not true. SantaCon is alive and well and will continue to spread joy and merriment to all the good little boys and girls of San Francisco," even as they urge participants to "all take a moment to remember the point of this festive event. Do something fun. Be more creative than just sucking down egg nog. Spread a little joy. Challenge your elf to do something this year besides hit the bars."

As always, participants are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy to give to the San Francisco Fire Department’s annual Toy Drive, which they should drop off at the SFFD’s special collection truck at 351 Geary by 11:30 a.m. on SantaCon Saturday. According to NBC Bay Area, last year SantaConners donated over 3000 toys, inspiring toy drive chairperson Sally Casazza to say "I love SantaCon!"

"It's a great icebreaker for men and women," she says, and "we reap the benefits of it by getting toys we wouldn't have had otherwise."

In any case, anti-SantaCon signs or no signs, thousands of consumed revelers are expected to descend on Union Square at noon on December 12. After that, who knows how far they'll roam. Will you be joining them, or shaking your fist from the sidelines?

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