As the Valley Fire reaches 40 percent containment today, residents of the towns of Middletown and Cobb still aren't being allowed back into the burn area to assess the damage. However, ABC 7 managed to find a woman deep in the area, on a hilltop in Cobb, who bizarrely never left her house despite flames coming as far as her backyard.

Dana DeMartini says that no one told her to evacuate, and she's spent the last seven days holed up with her dogs, apparently without internet, or even a cell phone?

She said she hasn't been able to reach anyone, and she says, "If my son or my dad are watching, I'm okay."

She also says she feels "very blessed" to have survived, and that her house survived. But she says, "I'm probably going to sell it after this, but yeah I feel very blessed."

ABC 7's Laura Anthony also found this other house that survived.

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