What exactly is this bike messenger doing to those poor plants in Bernal Heights? Is this another example of Bad Bikers Busted On Video?

In a video shot by Tom Cook and shared by Bernalwood, a bike messenger can be seen uprooting and stomping down plants in the traffic median at the intersection of Alabama Street and Precita Avenue, right by Precita Park. At first glance, this seems like an inexplicable act of brazen vandalism, ruining landscaping maintained by Precita Valley Neighbors.

However, the biker's actions don't suggest any malicious intent and the conversation in the comments on Bernalwood seem to suggest an act that's more altruistic. The plants appear to be fennel, a non-native weed that can grow uncontrollably. If overgrown, they could be a safety hazard for bikers coming down the hill and going northbound on Alabama Street, obstructing the view of drivers approaching the stop sign on Precita Avenue.

It seems as if they were doing their fellow cyclists a favor—albeit in a somewhat messy manner.