Chief Greg Suhr says the two officers caught on video joking about police shootings did not behave with the "class" expected of SFPD officers.

The two officers shown in the video have already been identified by the SFPD and an investigation is already underway. Suhr says he expects the two officers to be disciplined. "We're police officers," the chief said, according to ABC 7. "So we're public figures, we're expected to maintain a decorum." He added that officers are expected to behave "as ladies and gentlemen with class" and the video did not live up to that level.

"This is not the graphic conversation an officer should be having, let alone in a public place," he said.

The videos were shot and posted back in November at Happy Donuts in Noe Valley, but reposted this past week which is when they went viral. The man who shot the video told KRON that he couldn't believe what was happening when he overheard the conversation and felt that the public had to know. "It was disgusting, and it gave me a bad taste in my mouth and couldn’t walk out of the shop knowing this could continue," said the man, who wished to remain anonymous. "Laughing about brains splattered out of the head and cherry pie all over the wall just to hear them change their tone it was shocking me."

However, the head of the officers' union said the video was "much ado about nothing." San Francisco Police Officers Association President Martin Halloran told ABC 7 that the video was of what the officers thought was a private conversation and added, "This is what police officers deal with on a daily basis and it's unpleasant sometimes what we're forced to encounter.