Somewhat predictably following a media firestorm around the unceremonious removal of 11 East Bay women from the Napa Valley Wine Train for allegedly being loud whilst drinking their wine, the group has engaged a civil rights lawyer to sue for "malicious oppression." They're asking for $5 million in compensation for being discriminated against by train staff, as CBS 5 reports.

Attorney Waukeen McCoy is representing the 11 women, 10 of whom are black, who are part of a book club dubbed Sistahs On the Reading Edge. He says, "This was clearly racial discrimination,” and, "We don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

He also says similar cases have been settled for $5 million.

Clearly McCoy and the women involved were not satisfied with the formal apology issued last Tuesday, orchestrated by local PR fixer Sam Singer, and which included an offer of a ride in a private rail car for the group, a $6,000 value.

The August 22 incident, which broke on local news outlets last Monday, subsequently made national headlines, sparking the hashtag #LaughingWhileBlack.

Below, video of the incident, shot by one of the women, Lisa Renee Johnson, and posted by NBC Bay Area.

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