Amongst the Apple nerderati, there's talk that a new, larger iPad, clocking in at 12.9 inches, is on the way this fall, perhaps to be announced at Apple's upcoming September event. As 9 to 5 Mac reports this isn't a sure thing, and it could get announced later, but what seems certain is that it will come with an optional stylus. It's to be called the iPad Pro.

This is funny, of course, because of the video below in which Steve Jobs famously declared, "Who wants a stylus?" as he unveiled the original iPhone touch screen in 2007.

But, with a larger screen, and particularly with creative apps that involve drawing or apps that involve note-taking, a stylus would probably come in handy for many — though an analyst predicts the company will only manufacture about a fifth as many styluses as they will iPad Pro units.

Other (rumored) specs: "It’s expected to feature a 2732 x 2048 resolution display and perhaps the same strong 7000 series Aluminum found in the Apple Watch Sport as well as stereo speakers."

In other news, you can already buy styluses like this for the iPhone and iPad. But maybe the new one will be finer tipped.

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